Beer Recipe: Oatmeal Stout

oatmeal stout

The 2015 BJCP Style Guidelines for 16B Oatmeal Stout are as follows:

Overall Impression: A very dark, full-bodied, roasty, malty ale with a complementary oatmeal flavor. The sweetness, balance, and oatmeal impression can vary considerably.”

Your goal is to essentially create a stout that sits between Sweet Stout and Dry Stout with a full body and silky mouthfeel stemming primarily from the oatmeal and higher mash temp. It’s honestly peculiar that the guideline calls for an oatmeal flavor because the oats really don’t have a strong noticeable flavor with all the stout flavors present. In my recipe, I use a technique suggested in Radical Brewing by Randy Mosherand Brewing Classic Styles by Jamil Zainashefftoast the oats at 300℉ until they lightly brown and begin to smell of oatmeal cookies. The idea is that the flavor and aroma will come through stronger. Many a brewer back this observation up.

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TBL 006: East Nashville Beer Works with Sean Jewett

TBL 006: East Nashville Beer Works

Sean Jewett of East Nashville Beer Works is this week’s guest on The Brewer’s Life Podcast. Sean is Head Brewer and Driver of the Winnebago at East Nashville Beer Works. They opened their brewery doors to the public August of 2016, and have been absolutely crushing it ever since.

Sean has worked a number of interesting jobs prior to the brewery including: a craft beer bar, a distillery, apprenticing at Cool Springs Brewery under Derrick Morse of Mantra Artisan Ales, and at Honkey Tonk Brewing. Sean is an incredibly passionate brewer with so much love for the craft, and this episode really reflects it. [click to continue…]

TBL 005: Henderson Brewing Company

Henderson Brewing Company

Doug Laramie and Sean Wilder of Henderson Brewing Company are this week’s guest on The Brewer’s Life Podcast. To clarify, Doug and Sean are two of five co-founders — the other three are David Osborn, Austin Vowels, and Rob Toerne. Henderson Brewing Co. is currently getting ready to open, and these two gents were more than willing to share some outstanding stories. Their initial experiences with getting the doors open on their fledgling brewery are priceless.

Sean is Henderson Brewing Co.’s marketing guru, and Doug is the head brewer. This conversation was outstanding, and sincerely jam-packed with great insights on fundraising, getting your Brewer’s Notice approved faster, and some surprises you’ll face with getting the doors open. [click to continue…]

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TBL 004: Dry Ground Brewing Company

the brewer's life dry ground brewing company

Ed Musselman and Cory Greene of Dry Ground Brewing Company are this week’s guests on The Brewer’s Life Podcast. Ed is owns the brewery, and Cory is the General Manager, so we got to talk about a wide variety of topics that I normally don’t get to go into. Needless to say I learned a ton, and so can you! [click to continue…]

TBL 003: Hopkinsville Brewing Company

The Brewer's Life

Kate Russell and Joey Medeiros of Hopkinsville Brewing Company are here today on The Brewer’s Life Podcast. Both of these outstanding brewers have contributed heart, passion, and dedication to their art. It’s this love that makes this brewery something truly special. Hopkinsville Brewing Company opened its doors  September of 2016, and has been brewing amazing beers ever since.

On today’s show, Kate speaks to the origin and founding of Hopkinsville Brewing Company. She has tons of insight that only someone who has braved the start-up process can speak to. Both Kate and Joey are brewers with academic credentials to back up their expertise. When these two speak you can tell they know their craft, and are happy to share some of their brewing techniques and secrets with the listener. [click to continue…]

TBL 002: Tennessee Valley Brewing Company

starting a brewery


This week I sat down with Eric Brannstrom over at Tennessee Valley Brewing Company. Eric and Wendy Brannstrom are the perfect example of what a husband and wife can accomplish together when opening a brewery. I swear anytime you go into that place you just couldn’t feel more welcome. Without further ado onto the interview — PODCAST ENGAGE!

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TBL 001: The Star Spangled Brewing Company

starting a brewery podcast

This episode I’m chattin’ it up with The Star Spangled Brewing Company’s very own Josh Romaker. Honestly, Josh has one heck of a brewery tucked away in Clarkesville, Tennessee. They’ve got some outstanding brews, a great atmosphere, and quite the brewery opening experience. Josh was kind enough to take the time to share his story, and impart some excellent knowledge!

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5 Tips to Seriously Improve Your Homebrew

You’ve successfully brewed your first batch of homebrew. You followed the instructions in the kit line by line, and waited the recommended 30 days.

The time comes to get your beautiful craft creation into the bottle, and you wait an additional 2 weeks. Finished beer goes into the fridge, and chills to the proper serving temp.

You pop open that first brewed beer, pour it into the glass, and HOLY CRAP it carbonated! With fizzy bubbles bursting you go in for the first taste and it’s…


Those first couple of batches of homebrew tend to be on the ok side whether the beer is slightly under attenuated, or you notice some off flavors. That’s where The Brewer’s Life comes in. [click to continue…]

Kegging Your Homebrew Beer 101

the brewers life how to keg your beer


When I first got into home brewing I — like many others — bottled my finished beer.


…bottles are a drag.

You wash, and sanitize bottles only to risk oxidizing your precious beer while you mix in a priming sugar solution, and spend the next hour getting your brew into the bottle only to wait 2 more weeks before you start enjoying the fruit of your labors.

After about 10 batches I decided to get over the investment, face my fears, and embrace kegging my beer and putting it on draft. Read More