TBL 001: The Star Spangled Brewing Company

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This episode I’m chattin’ it up with The Star Spangled Brewing Company’s very own Josh Romaker. Honestly, Josh has one heck of a brewery tucked away in Clarkesville, Tennessee. They’ve got some outstanding brews, a great atmosphere, and quite the brewery opening experience. Josh was kind enough to take the time to share his story, and impart some excellent knowledge!


  • 1:03 Josh’s Introduction
  • 2:23 When did you first get into beer?
  • 3:46 Do you remember the first beer you tried?
  • 4:19 When did you start brewing?
  • 5:05 Water Adjustments
  • 6:31 How did you decide to open a brewery?
  • 8:44 How did you finance the project?
  • 10:43 Full Ownership
  • 11:38 How long was the process of opening?
  • 13:40 What have been your biggest hurdles?
  • 14:29 What have been your biggest successes?
  • 15:54 Getting Barrels for Aging Beer
  • 17:16 Was there anything you found surprisingly easy?
  • 18:22 Why did you choose Clarkesville, TN
  • 19:58 What’s your recipe development process like?
  • 21:56 Listening to the Consumer
  • 23:12 Customer Service
  • 24:10 What made you choose a 3 BBL system
  • 24:52 Brewing Frequency
  • 25:30 Are there unique challenges using a smaller volume like 3 BBLs?
  • 27:13 Pilsners and Lagers
  • 28:19 What do you feel the advantages are with a smaller system?
  • 30:25 Have you found repeatability with your brewing?
  • 32:37 How did you learn your professional brewing system?
  • 33:31 Cleaning and Sanitation
  • 34:11 What do you do with your spent grains?
  • 34:52 Disposing of Waste Water
  • 35:34 Recycling Brewing Water
  • 36:13 Who is the manufacturer of your brewing system?
  • 37:58 Being Able to Pivot on a Name Change
  • 38:56 Who do you get your yeast from, and do you harvest?
  • 39:27 What made you choose dry yeast?
  • 40:09 Do you do anything to prepare your yeast before pitching?
  • 41:02 What are your future plans for the brewery?
  • 42:25 Distributing Your Beer
  • 44:21 Tennessee Distribution Laws
  • 45:26 What is something you’d tell yourself starting out?
  • 47:19 Working With Local Regulation Boards
  • 47:57 Brewer’s Notice
  • 48:58 Is that anything that you would have done differently?
  • 49:44 What’s it like accepting the risk of starting a new brewery?
  • 50:22 Final Words of Wisdom
  • 51:06 The Star Spangled Brewing Company Contact Information

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