TBL 004: Dry Ground Brewing Company

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Ed Musselman and Cory Greene of Dry Ground Brewing Company are this week’s guests on The Brewer’s Life Podcast. Ed is owns the brewery, and Cory is the General Manager, so we got to talk about a wide variety of topics that I normally don’t get to go into. Needless to say I learned a ton, and so can you!

On today’s show, Ed and Cory fill us in on how Dry Ground Brewing Company came to be, and how it has grown to the great success it is today. It takes a lot to maintain and operate a brewery, but these gentlemen show the colors of true professionals. Both stand strong beside serving their local community, and offering something that truly reflects well on themselves, and everyone involved with this special brewery.


  • The origin of Dry Ground Brewing Company
  • How the owner doesn’t always have to be the brewer
  • The importance of malt quality
  • How water chemistry can make a beer spectacular
  • Liquid yeast can give your brewery more variety
  • How to delegate jobs to build a strong team
  • Hiring on a professional brewer
  • How big of a brewing system do you need?
  • Dealing with a 3-tier distribution system
  • The pros and cons of a 10 BBL brewing system
  • The struggles of keg vessel loss
  • Getting your brewing equipment and vessels faster
  • Considering starting a yeast management program
  • How to best serve the community around you
  • Collaborating with creative ventures
  • What it takes to be a successful brewery














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Special thanks once again to Ed and Cory for this amazing talk!

Keep on brewin’.


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