TBL 005: Henderson Brewing Company

Henderson Brewing Company

Doug Laramie and Sean Wilder of Henderson Brewing Company are this week’s guest on The Brewer’s Life Podcast. To clarify, Doug and Sean are two of five co-founders — the other three are David Osborn, Austin Vowels, and Rob Toerne. Henderson Brewing Co. is currently getting ready to open, and these two gents were more than willing to share some outstanding stories. Their initial experiences with getting the doors open on their fledgling brewery are priceless.

Sean is Henderson Brewing Co.’s marketing guru, and Doug is the head brewer. This conversation was outstanding, and sincerely jam-packed with great insights on fundraising, getting your Brewer’s Notice approved faster, and some surprises you’ll face with getting the doors open.


  • The birth of Henderson Brewing Company
  • Validation through contests
  • The value of partners with varied backgrounds and talents
  • The timeline to opening a brewery
  • Finding funding to open a brewery
  • Breaking up the opening process into “small assignments”
  • Selecting a location for a brewery
  • Nuances going to a bigger brewing system from homebrewing
  • The popularity and quality of Stout Tanks
  • Faster processing times for your Brewer’s Notice
  • Water Chemistry
  • Fermentation control at the brewery level
  • Thinking about contingencies in the event of a power loss
  • Transitioning your patrons to different styles of beer
  • Having a business plan that allows future growth
  • Beer recipe formulation on a 3 BBL system
  • Using fermentation temperature to get more versatility out of your yeast
  • The benefits of rehydrating and nurturing your dry yeast
  • Managing electrical needs in a brewhouse
  • Raising money with merchandise and club benefits
  • Choosing your operating hours
  • Brewing your first commercial batch on a commercial system
  • Properly marketing your brewery before it opens
  • Choosing the look of your taproom
  • Building a community meeting place












The Brewing Elements Series 

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Special thanks once again to Doug and Sean for this awesome conversation!

Keep on brewin’.

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